Ch S*Prospero's Summer Beatrice "Bea"


In 2009 I had my S-litter of four ruddy girls. My friend Anqi Linbblom-Ahlm was interested in one of them and Sanatee travelled to Olvondalen's cattery. 

Two generations later her genes came back to Finland when Miia Multanen and Reino Sarka were looking for a ruddy girl. We hadn't had ruddy female kittens available at that moment in Finland and I got the idea of importing this sweet girl. We own her together.

Miia and Reino take excellent care of Bea and enjoy her every day life. Bea had her first litter (sired by Silkkihienon Vice Versa) last winter and hopefully Bea will give us second and last litter this winter. This time I have chosen another very handsome ruddy male for her.

Bea is very easygoing and sweet cat (except when she's traveling), who present wellbalanced and moderate Aby type I love. She truly has become better by age.  Thank you Michaela and Lars Vanek for this sweet girl!

Bea has developed nicely along this summer. In September she got the title Champion and in November 2015 she became mother of 4 ruddy kittens!


Photo © 2015



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